We mentioned in a previous blog article that it is important to have alternative energy sources for your home. In this article we will talk about what is needed when you choose solar as your alternative energy source.

Solar energy has been in use for a long time and has been a trusted source in our country especially in the rural areas. It has proved to be a reliable source of energy, clean and effective if correctly set up. Nowadays solar power is becoming popular in urban areas as well.

Firstly you have to figure out how much power the solar should produce depending on your day to day needs. Outline your energy requirements by looking at the amount of electricity you use preferably using bill with the highest amount. Divide the watts with the number of days in that particular month. This will give you the amount of power you will need daily. 

It is also important to know how many hours of sunlight you get per day depending on where you are and the season. Determine the average daily wattage you need and divide it with the hours of sunlight in your area. This will give you the amount of energy you need from your solar and will also aid in determining the number of panels you will need.

The last step is to see if the roof of your house is able to accommodate the panels or if you need to set them up somewhere. This may be true for farm houses where much energy is needed and therefore more panels.  Remember you will also need the inverter and battery apart from the panel and cables.

Bear in mind that the quality of your solar panels matter!


Picture Credit: Vispra Power Control

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