This question will automatically create an image in your mind. What is it that stands out about Open Plan Houses? Of course it’s space and more space.

An open plan house or open floor plan entails the use of large open spaces and less enclosed rooms. Common spaces have no walls separating them except for bedrooms,bathrooms and the home office. There is a great room which usually combines the kitchen, dining room and the living room in one space. This concept is not new though, with the first open plan houses being built just after world war 2.

This is advantageous where there is high traffic and it encourages conversations while doing any other activities such as cooking or watching television. The other pro of open plan concept is that it creates the illusion of space even where the house is small. Therefore it will look good whether the house is big or small. The open plan concept is also a value booster for any house, if you are thinking of selling or renting your house in future it is worth considering.

However during wintry days like these, it becomes a challenge to heat up the great room. This may mean you will incur greater costs for heating but during the hot season, the room will be cool. If you have noisy people in the house it will be hard to ignore them in the great room because its one large space with no separating walls. It is good however when you want to keep an eye on the kids or when you do not want to miss your favorite TV series even when cooking.

The open plan concept has been here for a while and is here to stay. Now that you know what it is all about make your choice and get in touch with us at Homefill so that we translate your dreams into reality. Do not build castles in the air and end there come to us and let us build your castle.

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