Ladies you understand there are days your body just wants some pampering, a relaxing atmosphere with nothing but the smell of petals and some strawberries to indulge yourself in? But your pocket always brings you back to earth and shutters your dream? Well let me ease your mind a bit, you can have the spa experience in your own home, yes your own home. It does not take a Jacuzzi for you to get this dream to come true, even a bathtub will do just fine.

So the most important thing to do is partake in the design of your home and especially your bathroom. Let it have relaxing colours, such colours that induce serenity and calm. Recommended colours include white, beige, hues of blue and maybe green. Put in the ideal bath tub to suit your needs, imagine yourself soaked in it and see if it fits your dream. At least have a plant or plants in vases and place them strategically in your bathroom. This adds life into your bathroom.


Accessorizing is Important in this instance too as it aids in creating the ideal mood for your bath turned spa. Have fragrant candles always, incense holders, some room mist and a good set of bath towels to mention a few. Have bath salts, essential oils and bubble baths stocked with different flavours and scents to suit any mood. Recommended scents include jasmine, vanilla and lavender as they effectively induce calmness and promote relaxation.

Another tip is to ensure there is no clutter in your bathroom. Have extra storage space put in to avoid clutter. Also use baskets for some of your essentials, built in shelves for towels and cosmetics, glass displays for your bath salts, crystals, soaps, candles etc.

Have a great day in your bath turned spa!

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