So you have contacted and worked with Homefill and your home is ready for you to move in. First we say congratulations to you. Building a home is work on its own and so is moving into it. Let us try and make the move as smooth as possible from your current residence to your home. Do not pack on the day you plan to move but start days or even weeks before.

Tip 1. The mover

Find a reputable mover who has a good crew. This will ensure a smooth move and less stress for you. They should have trucks suited for your furniture and belongings. A truck that is too big will cost more and one that is too small will have to make numerous trips at your expense. So make sure you pay for the best sized truck.

Tip 2. Packing

Depending on how much you want to move and how you want to organize your things, packing can take a day or more. Some start by packing away things that are not used daily even weeks before the move is to take place. This ensures you do not have to rush lessening the stress and pressure as the day draws near.

It is wise to pack room by room so that you do not forget anything. Pack into boxes or even containers and label them by room of destination. This will mean your labelled boxes will be unloaded and put in the designated room. Pack your stuff in such a way that unpacking will not be a pain. The delicate accessories and or furniture will be packed safely to avoid breakages and losses.

Do not move with stuff you need to do away with. This will add to the packing which is unnecessary as you know there is no use for those items. You may need to donate, dispose of or give away some of your things. This will also ensure efficiency and crosses out unnecessary work. An example is kitchen units and wardrobes where you would have put in built in cupboards in your new home. There won’t be any need for them.

Tip 3. Unpacking

If you are moving at night, ensure there is enough lighting. Also ensure the smell of paint is no longer strong as it might become a health hazard. If you are moving during the day, ensure you everything is ready the day before the move. Unpacking will also take some days as you will need to plan on where to place some things.

Go and check your new home’s state and if there is some cleaning required do it before moving. On the day you move you may be too exhausted to clean the house. This will ensure your routines are not disrupted otherwise you will get frustrated when you find the water is not available and you can’t sleep without a shower. Or you find there is too much dust and dirt that you need to clean first.

Tip 4. Reorganizing

This is when you start placing things where you want them to go. Of course there will be need to dust and clean but since you would have done some spring cleaning beforehand, there won’t be much to do. Once everything is in its place and your home feels exactly like that, a home, you will not be tired from the move nor will you be frustrated.

Happy moving, enjoy your new home and make the best memories!

Picture Credit: Dutch Review

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