It is advisable these days to have at least two alternative energy sources in your home just to be safe. Most houses today have a gas stove and a refrigerator that can use both electricity and gas. Solar geysers are also becoming popular by the day.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a great alternative energy source for your home. The fact that it is environmentally friendly also makes it favorable. Consider also having a solar geyser and not an electric one, this will be good for the environment as well as your wallet. Solar energy can be used throughout the house as long as one gets enough panels to get as much energy from the sun. However cloudy days do not really favor this type of energy source. It is therefore at times like these that an alternative energy source will be required.

Natural gas

Natural gas is one of the commonly used energy source both commercially and non-commercially. It is highly efficient and it also produces less by-products than the other fuels. When you have your natural gas, you can rest assured that you are covered unlike hydro-electric power and solar energy which are affected by the weather.  In addition is the fact that natural gas is available in abundance. However gas is a non-renewable energy source and so once you use it there is no reusing. Another con of using gas in the home is that it is highly combustible. This makes it highly susceptible to explosions if not handled properly. The fact that it releases carbon dioxide does not make it favorable.

It is advisable these days to have at least two alternative energy sources in your home just to be safe. Relying on an environmentally friendly source will reduce carbon footprint. Most houses today have gas for cooking as well as a gas powered refrigerator that can also use electricity. New energy sources are on the rise with wind power being one of them.

Here at Homefill we believe that it is our duty to look after the environment for the future generations.

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